Loan Terms

Our pawn loans typically last for 30 – 60 days. However, as long as you pay the agreed-upon service charge each month, you can extend the loan and keep your item “in pawn” indefinitely.

Our interest rate is 2% per month (or 24% APR), plus 18% service charges for security, insurance coverage, storage, and other business expenses – for a total monthly charge of 20%.

For example, on a $100 loan/pawn, we charge $120 to pick up within 30 days, with a 5-day grace period, after which another 20% monthly charge would be added. So now $140 to pick up by the 60th day. Any item in pawn or loan past 60 days without payment will be forfeited and sold to re-coup funds loaned.

A $500 loan/pawn would have a service charge of $100, so it would cost $600 to redeem the item within 30 days. The borrower may opt to extend the loan an additional 30 days once the initial $100 service charge is paid.

Do you offer lower fees for larger loans?

On larger-dollar loans, we will lower our service rates to help our customers. Ask the manager for more details.

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to pawn loans, or call us at 772-283-3660 (Stuart) or 772-335-1896 (Port St. Lucie).