Understanding PawnShops

Learn More About Pawnshops and How They Operate

Visiting a pawnshop is fun, educational, and can save you money! You can come in, browse, and check out the many treasures that are for sale. You also may be facing a financial need where you would like to see us about pawning something.

We offer a no-obligation FREE quote to see how much money you can get for your items. We offer short term loans or you can just straight out sell an item for cash. When you would like a quote or have a question, just call us!

The TV show “Pawn Stars” has brought many Americans to want to check out pawnshops. Just like the TV show, many times we get historical, autographed, or just crazy outlandish items. If you have something old, historical, or just a question, come in and talk to us, or just call! We aim to help people. Visit Colorado Pawn & Jewelry today!

What Can You Expect From a Well-Run Pawnshop?

We will present you with honest, informative, and caring service. Our staff is operating a business that will buy anything of value. Of course, they are looking to make a profit. It is a business. We pride ourselves for being clean, well-run, and a friendly customer focused business.

When you come in, we will examine your items. We will ask you your needs and intent. If you do not want to sell your items, but just need some cash, we will explain the process and our service charges.

If you want to sell your items, we will try to pay you as much as we can. Stop in today and check us out! We will listen, and try our best to take care of you!

Stop in today and see what profit you could walk away with at Colorado Pawn & Jewelry!

What to Expect at Colorado Pawn & Jewelry

A fun shopping experience always! You will witness the cleanliness of the showroom and the friendliness of the staff. We have a great selection of jewelry, from a $28,000 diamond to a $129 emerald ring! You can find high quality jewelry at one-third to half price of retail. For example, get a Breitling watch that retails for $13,000 to $15,000, for only $5,000!

Homeowners and construction workers can find name-brand tools such as DeWalt, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, and Craftsman for a fraction of the retail price.

Electronics, like TVs, laptops, iPads, stereos, guitars, and more can also be purchased for great prices. Yes, most items are pre-owned, but that can help save the buyer hundreds of dollars and get the job done!

So Why All the Negative Talk and Concerns About Pawnshops?

The public has the perception that “if it’s in a pawnshop, it’s probably stolen or there is something wrong with the merchandise.” This is a common misconception.

Pawnshops are required by law to supply paperwork of all merchandise taken daily. We have to obtain personal information from every customer selling their items. If someone brings in something stolen, there is high probability that they will get caught. Every day we transmit all information of every transaction to our local police authorities.

So, if you are a victim, the best course of action is to call the local authorities, and make a report. They will check all the area pawnshops records, and try to find a match.

Bottomline: It is not smart to bring stolen items to a pawnshop – because you will be caught and prosecuted!

Why Is It Good to Have a Professional Pawnshop in Your Community?

Have you ever been in a financial bind where you need cash now? We all go through situations. It’s easy to just walk into a pawn store with an item of value and walk out with cash.

Whether you need $50 or you need $1,000, it’s quick and easy. Your item (collateral) is safe and insured. You get paperwork explaining the process and documenting the transaction.

Just want to get rid of some stuff? Have jewelry that has not been worn for years? Tools, electronics, or instruments? Just call us and we will help. Many times you can get some extra cash and get rid of stuff you no longer use.

Are you a frugal shopper? Love to save some cash? Visit us! You can find a Rolex, Tiffany & Co, Pandora, Bose, Fender, Taylor, Snap-on. Like we say, “You Never Know What Treasures You Will Find!”